Registering for temporary residence

Any internship in Germany has to be registered with the ZAV, an office of the central employment agency, for approval. This process needs to be completed before your arrival. Please cooperate with the COST coordinator in Cologne to make sure you have submitted the appropriate documents at least two months before the start of your placement (see "Certificate of Enrollment" and "ZAV formal obligation"). The documents are only accepted as originals, they cannot be faxed, scanned or otherwise electronically submitted.


When you stay in any European country for more than 90 days, you need to apply to the local immigration office for a (temporary) residence permit. The following paperwork is needed for your application:

  • your valid passport
  • a copy of your passport (main page & page with the stamp showing your date of entry into the European Union)
  • a passport photo
  • proof of (health) insurance
  • € 50,- (fee for the permit in your passport)
  • a copy of the ZAV approval letter of your internship
  • registration of your place of residence in Germany (obtained within the first 8 days of your arrival at the residents’ registration office)
  • a completed application form
Certificate of Enrollment
certificate of enrollment 1.pdf
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ZAV formal obligation
Needs to be completed by your parents to prove your financial status for the duration of the internship even if you are normally financially independent
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